Why do female dogs smell fishy? Question: Hi, I need help, my beagle Zoey sometimes smells like fish. A lot of owners, especially owners of female dogs, can relate to the smell of fish at some point in their lives. A pungent, yeasty smell was often bad skin issues, or sometimes overly yeasty ear wax; a potent, sharp, spoiled milk kind-of smell was usually an ear infection. This can be intensely irritating to your dog and you may notice them scooting (rubbing their bottom along the floor) or licking and biting round their bottom. Sometimes the glands become blocked and this natural process does not occur, resulting in the glands becoming very full or impacted. 2. But in some cases, dogs can develop infections from anal glands that went impacted for … In some dogs that need their anal glands emptying frequently, it is possible to teach dog owners to empty the glands themselves, but you should always consult a veterinary surgeon for advice regarding this. Come to think of it the smell is similar to that of blood. and rights that I have on my personal data, Buy any 4 bags of PURINA® food, and get the cheapest bag FREE, get your dog checked by a veterinary surgeon, Cleaning your dog’s eyes: tips and tricks. Dogs can smell like many things, depending on what they have most recently rolled in, but one of the more unpleasant aromas dogs commonly develop is one of … hide. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. The answer lies in the behind! If your dog’s breath develops a fishy smell very suddenly it may well be caused by an infection in the mouth or a dental abscess. Pyometra typically strikes female dogs anywhere from four to six weeks after going into heat and causes lack of appetite, vomiting, weakness, vaginal discharge with foul smell (not always though, as in the case of closed pyometra) increased drinking, increased urination and a swollen abdomen. A healthy female dog should not give off a fishy smell and, if you notice a strong odour, this will almost always be a sign of a health problem. Let’s find out the reasons behind this smell and discuss the different ways on how to prevent it. Breeds with long ear flaps such as Spaniels may be particularly susceptible since their anatomy restricts the air-flow. Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish? Your dog is probably like my dog, wont need it very often, but make sure it gets done when it needs it. ... My dogs’ anal glands do not smell like fish. This is a health problem and not just a smell coming from the body of your dog. When the Anal Glands on a dog are full, they drain and the drainage has a fishy smell to it. So, why is your dog smelling fishy? He's healthy and usually has solid stools. report. There is no cause for alarm though because unpleasant odours in an otherwise well dog are usually simple to solve. Answer (1 of 6): It’s highly likely that the smell of rotten fish is actually a byproduct of how your dog’s body chemistry is reacting to a change in their diet. Female dogs can sometimes develop a weird, fishy smell in their hind area. You might notice other changes, such as difficulty eating or dropping food as your dog eats, because an abscess is very painful. One of the possible causes of the fishy odor that comes from your vagina can be a bacteria infection or bacterial vaginosis. Most female dogs will have a bloody discharge for a few days when they are on heat, but if this discharge has a significant odour it could suggest that there is an infection present. What Are Anal Glands? The commonest reason for a dog to smell like fish, whatever their breed, is a problem with their anal glands. It is thought that anal gland disorders affect 12 percent of dogs, and if your dog's been licking his nether-region a lot lately, smelling fishy or scooting around weirdly, he could be suffering from anal gland issues. Sometimes, the odor is not coming directly from the dog, but from something your dog stepped on or rolled in. Ear Infections . It runs us out of the room. It is certainly an interesting idea. Instead, the issue can be quite serious. What can I do to stop this happening? It’s likely that you will have changed the food that you feed your dog recently, and that’s why the urine is beginning to smell differently. Both fecal secretions and glands near the anus can smell. If the smell is accompanied by other signs of a UTI (such as blood in the urine or straining to urinate), you should try to collect a urine sample from your dog for the veterinary surgeon to analyse.