I just got finished watching an episode where the town of Walnut Grove shut down. The family lived in a dugout in the creek bank until Pa could build a wonderful new house made of sawed boards. Laura Ingalls and her family moved to De Smet, South Dakota in 1879, during the events in By the Shores of Silver Lake. Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family moved to the De Smet area in 1879 at the beginning of the book By the Shores of Silver Lake.Charles worked for the railroad and the family lived in the Surveyors House through that winter before moving out to the quarter-section of land Pa chose as his homestead in the spring of 1880. And, to this day, the two actresses have still never settled their differences. Mary Amelia Ingalls was the first child of Charles and Caroline Ingalls and was born on January 10, 1865, in Pepin, Wisconsin. The town prospered but remained small, and most people seemed to be farmers and laborers. In the short period before De Smet acquired its own newspaper in the spring of 1880, Charles Ingalls appears to have tried his hand at corresponding with the Brookings County Press. The town of Walnut Grove exists in real life: Did you know that Walnut Grove is a real town? 2. Mary Amelia Ingalls- Biography. 1874 PHOTO: The Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Caroline Ingals was working & living in a hotel. According to Minnesota Public Radio, the Ingalls family racked up around 2,000 miles of travel over 20 years, much of it done with horse-drawn wagons and simply walking on foot.Starting in Pepin, Wisconsin, they went as far south as Kansas, constantly doubling back in search of better opportunities, from new jobs to supposedly more arable farmland. Almanzo's parents visited around that time and gave them the deed to the house they had been renting in Mansfield, which was the economic boost Wilder's family needed. The actresses who played Laura and Mary had a tumultuous relationship in real life: Melissa Gilbert and Mellissa Anderson weren’t really able to get along! It all started when….
[53] After some wariness at the notion of seeing the house rather than the books be a shrine to Wilder, Lane came to believe that making a museum of it would draw long-lasting attention to the books. Alden and Laura and Mary were able to attend school again. In Walnut Grove, the family joined the church pastored by Rev. After moving to Walnut Grove, the Ingalls family, as seen during the series Little House on the Prairie, builds their own house and makes it a home. Walnut Grove was a small town in Minnesota. The Ingalls family moves to Walnut Grove, MN (described in Wilder’s book, "On the Banks of Plum Creek"). Harriet Olsen was working as a barmaid. Mary was a character in all of the Little House books and Mary and Laura were inseparable. The Ingallses lived briefly with the Ensigns when they moved back to Walnut Grove from Iowa in 1877. When Mary was fourteen years old, she became severely ill. The Ingalls family didn’t always have much, but Pa and Ma did their best to … The Ingalls family & the Olsen family all moved away. 1 History 1.1 Early Years 1.2 Later Years 1.3 Fall 2 Gallery 3 External link Walnut Grove was founded by Lars Hanson in 1840. Viewers loved watching the Ingalls Family from the beloved children's book series on the screen, tuning in for the latest happenings in the town of Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Those wanderings really added up. When Laura married Almanzo Wilder in 1885, they continued to reside in De Smet for several years, as detailed in The Last Four Years. In 1874, the Ingalls journeyed west, trading for a small farm near Walnut Grove, Minnesota. THis is also where they found their "son" , Albert living under a building. Life during pioneer times was challenging. 3.