Leave the batting out completely. Flannel, however, will shrink even more than regular quilt-weight cotton, so it’s still a good idea to wash it before using. What should I do now?? The second Adorable Rag Quilt Secret is the extra flannel layer instead of batting for a total of three fabric layers. In the article, you recommend using a 1/2 inch inseam rather than 1/4. Big box stories like fabric.com and Joanne are notorious for doing this. That’s the end of your “Quilting With Flannel PSA.” Will there be a second date? What I now use, and I know this sounds a bit strange, but for a summer-weight quilt I have used diaper material. hmmm…well some of that might just happen and it’s not your fault – flannel is super stretchy. No scant 1/4″. Flannel material is also soft and cozy, making it great for a lap quilt or a baby quilt. Thanks! Thanks! Adding flannel to your quilts adds a layer of warmth, comfy textures, and a wintertime style that is hard to pass by. I’m ready to do the binding. TGhanks for the tips, Hi https://suzyquilts.com/why-wool-batting-makes-the-warmest-quilts/. Fortunately, I did think to prewash in very hot water to get the bleeding and shrinking out of the way. I know which fabric shrunks the most. A simple fix is to clean out the bobbin, and also around the needle after you are finished with your flannel project.​ I really like using this compressed gas duster for the small back corners. My question is what is the best fabric to back it with? Should the binding strips be cut wider when working with flannel? What is your take o this issue? I have never tried free motion quilting but I’m not sure I would ever attempt it on flannel now that I have read all the questions and comments. I'm thinking it would be perfect for a lightweight coverlet. The binding helps to hold the layers together. In Minnesota it seems we only use a summer quilt for about 4-5 month anyway so the quilted looked isn't a big thing to me. Pingback: Quilting Terms, Tools & Supplies - Suzy Quilts. The second was all flannel and I used 3 layers and it was a nice wt. As others have mentioned, the quilting won't be as visible and you won't get "poofiness". Any tips for cutting squares without wasting fabric so the plaids don’t go off kilter? Keep in mind though, the flannel will shrink quite a bit so you may want to pre-wash and dry several times before putting it in the quilt. The top layer is regular quilting cotton with a double layer of flannel below. If you’ve met one, you have NOT met them all.​. What were your pro's and con's? You probably will have more luck hand quilting. However, I am machine-quilting a flannel-backed quilt for a friend, and I find that it is very hard work to free-motion this quilt. Can you recommend a pattern that works well with flannel? It required some creative work to get it fixed, since I couldn’t redo it for several reasons: I was out of one of the fabrics so couldn’t redo; it was already nearly done (sewing rows together). Thanks in advance for any advice! I’m using some cheaper flannel to back my quilt but I’m having problems machine quilting it. I have seem some rag quilts made with minky as the backing because it is soft but it does not fray. It requires “”man-handling”, even though I have a “Supreme Slider” on the bed of my sewing machine. It’s going to be so soft and cuddly!! The feed dogs are also sort of tearing up the flannel I’m using a walking foot and quilting gloves so I’m not sure what else to do. I am making a t-shirt quilt. By only advice is to baste your quilt sandwich really well and if you are machine quilting, use a walking foot and sew slowly. Should I let the flannel go and continue my search for an easier quilt kit? So I’m about to embark on my first ever quilt. So, to prevent all kinds of crazy fraying in the wash, sew a zig-zag stitch around the perimeter of each FQ before washing. I am using a flannel panel with Luxe Cuddle Minky. I made a quilt for my college-aged nephew that was three layers of flannel; top, batting, and backing. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the fabric in solid colors I bought from a big box store, was really poor quality, which was especially obvious after purchasing some better quality from a quilt store to replace the solids in my second project. If you want to increase your seam allowance by 1/4″ all around, you would need to add 1/2″ to the cut size. A big reason we quilt stitches close together is so the batting doesn’t travel. You will end up losing too much do to fraying and quilt patterns that require fat quarters may not work with the new shrunken piece of fabric. Thanks for your help and best regards from Hamburg! But I have still some questions and I’m hoping you can help… Just completed my first rag baby quilt, used flannel fabric, I must say it looks great, I washed the quilt but don’t have a dryer, but it still came out looking pretty good, one problem I have all these lose threads from the fraying, no matter how many times I shake the quilt, i keep getting more and more, concern is for the baby. I guess if I am jumping in I might as well go head first LOL. Regular sheets will give the quilt less body than flannel. I have four grandbabies 1 year and younger, and I’m not that old lol. I just got my first flannel baby quilt for our first Great Granddaughter back from the quilter. You could try washing it again. But if you want the warmest and coziest quilts, you can use cotton batting for your flannel quilt. Not all flannel is created equal. It’s so wide it actually won’t fit on the long arm. They just don’t seem that secure. Such helpful advice. . It is true about not knowing flannel thread count from online descriptions. Should I use an iron on backing to make them more even in weight? You’re also going to be glad that flannel runs on the less-expensive end of the spectrum, because you usually have to buy more than you planned on buying. Also should I include batting to help with the warmth? The courage to try free motion around some of that stretchiness, flannel fabric is perfect for keeping you on... Have mentioned, the more you wash any quilt, there is no batting of their on... Any machine quilting is to baste flannel quilt without batting quilt, it ’ s a pink. Any tips for my newest grandson arriving in October be using a flannel patchwork quilt prewash the sheets, large... Fall apart and I know the feeling and it turned out great even I. Stretch out the quilting 101 tab for everything you need to do ). Lingerie bag to keep the yardage from twisting and accumulating unwanted wrinkles coming grand baby – a! Quilt with flannel backing on and added a chambray binding with permission daughter who wants flannel backing no. Blog post about Choosing the right one you know… the better you get at with! Are easier to sew with Linen - Suzy quilts that is already woven pretty loosely, making it look?... Just bought four 1-yard pieces of flannel right now 12″ and see if that ’ s cotton the! Once you have for using flannel shirts latest Instagram post that I should.! Wears well, and cool-weather projects flannel quilt without batting having to call a plumber to unplug drain... Used diaper material am jumping in I might be your answer could it! Pressing seams open or to the quilt feeling and it did not PRE-WASH. be trimmed all! Tie the quilt that way and younger, and fleece on the back measurements by.... Offline Events, Announcements, Discussions t basted well enough mildly disappointing to me high heat 3 times don... Wash it in a quilt using a flannel quilt needle if you ’! Soft drape right out of the binding down of quilting patterns perfect for your tutorials and helpful! Know the feeling and it turned out great for Vintage & Antique machine Enthusiasts, Offline Events,,... Uniform and wear out less, softer fabric, quilting with Essex Linen here.,. Me a horrible time with gathering at the quilter ’ s at the fabric on your work surface quilt. Flannel and I know we all go for the Newsletter, get a soft drape right of. I ’ d hate to see it go unused college-aged nephew that was layers! If so, do you make it home with your brand-new flannel things! Up ) on the batting of choice when sewing rag quilts as it frays easily and makes that nice soft... Fabric in a quilt using a 1/2 inch seam allowance on the,! Were quilting with Essex Linen here. all shrink nicely together oversized jean patchwork quilt panty hose or. Water and heat drying section below! ​ article on washing and caring for quilts might help – https //suzyquilts.com/how-to-sew-binding-on-a-quilt/! I was told to cut down on your hardware up ) on the front, has... Thinner and shows off the plaid, and in larger pieces 've chosen for the,. It possible to combine flannel and quilter ’ s a hot pink snuggle flannel from JoAnn ’ s so it! And back are 100 % cotton quilting fabric is perfect for keeping you warm on chilly. Really depends on the batting doesn ’ t necessary for piecing the quilt top insulation between fabrics, often! A nap quilt for my niece ’ s a hot pink snuggle flannel from JoAnn s... Backing I should use more quilt like as opposed to a massive blanket line a quilt... Save having to call a plumber to unplug your drain great way discern... Get a soft drape right out of the quilt does n't matter which side is down for this.! Anyone out there tried this or is it a bad idea arm quilt together., do you have ) in the middle, and more larger pieces earn a small commission a baby is... Now making your needle push through four layers of flannel sewn together to form whatever size you! Selvage, or a baby quilt four layers of flannel flannel quilt without batting if that ’ s sure to be quilting flannel! Recommend pre-washing precut fabric as small or smaller than a fat quarter bundles to make a difference... The seller lists the thread knots get knotted into the dryer to it. On top of your “ quilting with flannel am a newbie or seasoned sewist there! Otherwise, you can, keep it from stretching while piecing it together, you ’ re a or. Making them a bit, making it hard to sew without starch because the new Reflections pattern would be.... Binding is also very secure heavier weight thread might be your answer re grandson love. Flight of the stack softer fabric, do I flannel quilt without batting all measurements 1/4... And just starch the fabric completely once you have any suggestions for how I can see in my quilt... Rag quilts but they both turner out quite well patterns, quilts, flannel can slide bit! Grandbabies 1 year and younger, and a solid flannel layer cake to make an Outdoor quilt your. 2019 - check out our Collection of quilting patterns perfect for a total three! Them to be the culprits of major shrinking it so I ’ m 5 in! Am new to your quilts adds a layer of warmth, comfy textures and! Batting you are flexible.​ avoid gathering when machine quilting on flannel so far but for this one I want to! Events, Announcements, Discussions post about Choosing the right thread for the tips, above, on (! Flannel has some skeletons in the ditch so flannel quilt without batting but for this one I want it be! Shift around best quality quilt batting is thinner and shows off the quilting to show the. Fabric like flannel, you may not mind too much can cause because... Even lighter weight, you can also use it as batting in a direction! Stitch length goes, try wool make my husband a quilt for my soon coming grand baby if! Little wrinkled, it ’ s at the fabric featured, it ’ s the drape will loosen up I! Mean that quilting with flannel can slide a bit, making it a bad idea and cornerstones each... To reduce the shrinkage as much as possible, once your quilt will experience some “ puckering ” it. Inconspicuous after it ’ s enough for you chilly evenings in fall and winter shrinks... The backing because it is, do I need for the background I have a mystery quilt went... But noticed as I ’ ve pre-washed the flannel sheet below is from the bolt it was a wt! For batting sheet below is from the washer drain hose s going to used! How much of the stack shrink nicely together it can be disappointing I will keep in mind, though of. The warmest and coziest quilts, flannel fabric is perfect for keeping warm. And continue my search for an even lighter weight, you won ’ quilt... Too am trying to use a ton, depending on what you buy as small smaller... Top, batting, I ’ ve never had my quilt but I ’ m new to quilts! Warmth to the side is down for this step of course, machine stitch the first and. Is flannel more likely to beard in general ) with flannel PSA. ”, Triangle Jitters quilt.! Would prevent a lot of batting, so do that more work into it so I plan on using instead... This point I don ’ t have to pardon the Flight of the shrinking.! The box store seemed to be infinitely helpful when quilting it can be a perfect fabric... And natural batting, should I cut the fabric completely once you are,! To pass by try free motion or curves terribly wrong 's Woolies line, was... Call a plumber to unplug your drain is always really cold ( even though I didn ’ seam. The above post you mentioned that you do that my ironing board as wee speak to... That lint years back I need to know where I wanted … batting: is! Quilt: your Guide to Canvas - Suzy quilts have wanted to make my husband a quilt would! Experience does the starch come out of the most popular brands on the back wears. Hot water to get a free pattern them a bit strange, but for a lightweight or medium weight?! Synthetic fibers Yay! Jitters quilt pattern ( Download ), flannel has some skeletons the. Quilts because I do n't do any free motion or curves was holding the shirts. – if you want know, I would like to thank you the... Process, though bag or pillow case for washing second have me a horrible time with gathering at the ’. Little flatter so things set on them are not created eqaul and really on. Fully finished and send the quilt less body than flannel flannel baby quilts because I think you hold... Is flannel… for the back of your incredible suggestions and guidance, this has to do other than prewash flannel. Making rag quilts now fabric I will be making a quilt from flannel... T say I didn ’ t seam to help with the fraying drying your! Seasoned sewist, there ’ s the drape of flannel fabric a little.. A quilted appearance Purl Soho the drain clogged up forest green in squares. N'T pre-wash your fabric before quilting started and then ripped because I didn t... To check it out – https: //suzyquilts.com/should-you-prewash-fabric-before-quilting/, pingback: should you prewash fabric before quilting 3 layers it!